007 reasons why Daniel Craig is the best James Bond

I am a huge fan of the international man of mystery known as Bond… James Bond. Growing up in a household where 007 movies played on a semi-regular basis we’d compare notes on what we liked, loved and wanted more of when it came to the British spy and his fancy gadgets. Serious debates would ensue with assorted topics: leading ladies, locations, villains, and which Bond was best. Up until now, I would proclaim loud and proud that Roger Moore hands down wins the title of best Bond, beating out all other contenders: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

When CASINO ROYALE released I was skeptical of Daniel Craig filling in the shoes of the MI6 spy. All of that changed the minute I saw him on screen and again in QUANTUM OF SOLACE. With SKYFALL‘s upcoming release I cannot stop thinking about these double-oh-seven reasons why Daniel Craig is the ultimate James Bond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

007: Blonde & Blue – All my life I thought that Bond should be tall dark and handsome. The combination of Craig’s blonde hair and blue eyes are a welcome change to the features we’ve come to expect from the secret agent.

006: Shaken not Stirred – Since DR. NO audiences have grown accustomed to hearing Bond order his favorite cocktail of a vodka martini that is shaken, not stirred. With Craig, he couldn’t care less if the beverage is shaken, stirred or squashed, as long as it is in his hand.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

005: Go-Go-Gadget – Seeing Bond have to be physical and use his quick intellect to track down the bad guys, I like that his gadgets are more practical than flashy. No fake toothpaste that turns into an explosive, this microchipped Bond utilizes a fabulous Omega watch that does some neat-o stuff and drives a killer Aston Martin. Craig’s Bond works all the technology fantastically.

004: Dude Likes His Ladies – In previous Bond films it’s almost offensive how Bond gets the girls in bed with him. Here, we see a Bond who has heart and tries to save various women. Craig has a great chemistry with the assorted Bond Girls. (Memorable moments: connecting with Vesper in CASINO ROYALE while sitting the the shower fully clothed and a fantastic boat rescue with Camille in QUANTUM OF SOLACE). I like that he has good intentions and acts on them.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

 003: Tuxedos & Speedos – If there is one thing that a Bond man must be able to do is to wear a tuxedo well. Donned in suits and other handsomely cut threads, I think everyone can agree that Craig is one well dressed Bond and has mastered the art of sporting a tux. When he came from the surf to the beach in the powder blue square-legged speedo, we can all agree he also mastered swimwear. Oooh la la!

002: Cheeky – One thing that all Bonds have is a that bad boy charisma that makes the ladies weak in the knees and Craig is no exception. However, previous Bond films seem filled with cheap one liners. Hearing Craig deliver smart and sharp comments directed at his boss, M, as well as his assorted foes is a welcome change. His responses to Le Chiffre while being beat up sans clothes and tied to a chair are quite comical too.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

001: Tough & Tender – It makes me happy to see that the franchise shows a more human side of Bond. Seeing Craig in hand to hand combat with assorted baddies or being strapped to a chair getting beat up while in the buff are all great Craig moments. However, it melts my heart to witness the scenes where he’s broken up over the death of Bond Girl Vesper Lynd. Watching Craig ache from the loss of his love is one of the major factors that propelled his Bond to the top of my list.

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