10 actors that could be the next Indiana Jones

When I set out to determine which actors I thought would make a great Indiana Jones, I realized quickly that this was a hard list to write. It’s hard because there are too many questions with the franchise that need to be answered before we can really debate who should take over the fedora and whip. First, Disney has to decide what they want to do with Harrison Ford. Obviously, if he’s fit and up to it, he needs to do another Indiana Jones movie. But at 72 years-old, I think his days as Indy are probably over. So for the sake of this list, let’s assume that Ford is done with the character.

The next decision is to decide if they want to keep the existing canon or if they want to completely restart the franchise and whichever way they go, they have to decide how old they want the next Indiana Jones to be. I don’t think the age is that important, but with the numerous sequels that are sure to come from the reboot, they’re going to have to go young, but not so young audiences don’t respect the character.  As for the existing canon, I think they just need to pick the best actor they can, call him Indiana Jones and maybe throw in a wink and nod to the prior films.

So anyway, I’ve picked ten actors that I think could put on the fedora and carry the franchise for a new generation and I’ve ordered them from youngest to oldest. No one will ever be as good as Harrison Ford, but Father Time is undefeated and there’s no reason the franchise should end. The character is too great and there are too many stories to tell to end the franchise forever.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth (30): Chris Hemsworth is probably the most sought after young actor working today. He might be a little overexposed with two franchises right now in Thor and Snow White, but he might also be the best fit. He’s obviously talented enough to do it and has the range and charm to carry a film. The question is whether or not he wants to take on another iconic character.

Jack Huston (31): Huston is probably my wildcard on the list and he has a small body of work to reference, but his character in ‘Boardwalk Empire’ is fantastic, leading me to believe he’s ready for something bigger. If Disney goes with an unknown, Huston is my first choice.

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac (34): Rumors from J.J. Abrams’ camp have Oscar Isaac being the new trilogy’s Han Solo type character. The Star Wars connection is nice, but Oscar Isaac has grown to be one of my favorites in the movies he has been in. He’s a talented and versatile actor and although he doesn’t have the action/adventure experience, I definitely think he can do it.

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