10 Movies still to look forward to in 2017

7. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (November 10) – I love a good old-fashion murder mystery.  While Kenneth Branagh doesn’t always instill a lot of faith when it comes to directing, the large cast with a story based upon the Agatha Christie novel has me excited.  The tone and period of the crime thriller within the confines of a train, just looks and feels like an exciting drama.  The genre will probably be appealing for a specific audience, but count me in on that specific audience.

6. PHANTOM THREAD  (December 25) – After 1999’s MAGNOLIA, I became a huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson. BOOGIE NIGHTS, PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, and THERE WILL BE BLOOD are all fantastic. While his last film INHERENT VICE left a lot to be desired, PTA is undeniably talented. I have no doubt PHANTOM THREAD about a dressmaker will at the very least give some interesting visuals with another outstanding performance from Daniel Day Lewis who claims to be delivering his final performance.


5. DOWNSIZING  (December 22) – An oddball comedy idea with a social satire theme about a guy (Matt Damon) who shrinks himself for a better life is the exact type of wild originality that we need more of in film.  Writer/director Alexander Payne is one of the most consistent working directors with humorous, observant, character driven films like THE DESCENDANTS, NEBRASKA, SIDEWAYS, ABOUT SCHMIDT, and ELECTION.

Thor: Ragnarok

4. THOR: RAGNAROK (November 3) – “We’re work friends!” That little quote about The Hulk just before they are pitted in battle in the trailer is enough to have me giddy for the newest Thor movie.  Sure the previous two have been okay at best, but something tells me this one will be different.  Director Taika Waititi (WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE) has a sharp sense of humor and Chris Hemsworth is always magnetic on screen. I have a feeling that Thor and Hulk are going to be an excellent buddy duo.

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