12 Years A Slave tops Boston and Washington D.C. critics list while Her and Gravity tie in LA

12 Years A Slave

Critics societies are usually a good place to start for those that like to try and predict what will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  There’s usually not much of a correlation, but if a movie cleans up at various critics societies, then there’s a good chance it will steamroll into the Academy Awards.  This year, there is no dominant film, but 12 YEARS A SLAVE is slowly emerging as the favorite, having been voted Best Picture honors by the Boston, Washington D.C. and NYC Online film critics.  But Alfonso Cuaron is picking up a lot of Best Director wins for GRAVITY, so don’t forget about his space epic when you’re picking a favorite.

The one thing that has me concerned is that neither AMERICAN HUSTLE nor THE WOLF OF WALL STREET are getting any love yet and I’m guessing these critic’s circles that have already voted haven’t even seen the films yet.  We get a couple of movies like this every year, where they clearly have Oscar potential, but don’t get quite the recognition because they’re so late to the game.

Click here to see the complete list of winners from the Boston Society of Film Critics, The Washington D.C. Critics and The LA Film Critics Association.

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