12 Years A Slave wins huge from the Florida Film Critics Circle

12 Years A Slave

At this point, let’s not even hold an Academy Awards show.  12 YEARS A SLAVE is the clear cut favorite and although movies like AMERICAN HUSTLE, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and even GRAVITY have picked up honors elsewhere, the consensus seems to be that 12 YEARS A SLAVE is the best movie of the year.  So another critics society has weighed in, this time, my own Florida Film Critics Circle named the film the best of the year, with Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress awards going to the film as well.  If the film had a lead actress, I’m sure she would have gotten it as well, but instead, the Best Actress award went to Cate Blanchett for her wonderful performance in BLUE JASMINE.  On a side note, there were no ties this year and to be honest, only a couple of categories were close.  The complete list of winners can be found on Page 2:

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