300's Lena Headey to play villain in Dredd

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

It’s been confirmed that Judge Dredd (played by Karl Urban) now has a villain in Lena Heady (which is good since filming has already started). The 300 star will play Ma-Ma,who is a a drug lord of sorts who dispenses the mind altering drug called SLO-MO.  She is supposed to be all scarred up and possibly in a fat suit, which is what the script called for-but we have no confirmation. For those who don’t follow the comics, Judge Dredd is a cop in a futuristic world who fights crime and doles out justice as the judge, jury and executioner. As mentioned before, filming is underway and DREDD will probably be released early 2012.

I wasn’t completely on board with this whole remake but I’m slowly starting to come around.  It sounds more intriguing with each story I write, plus I’m a sucker for movies adapted from comic books so this should be right up my alley.

Lena Headey

Source: The Playlist

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