A Case of You Blu-ray Review

Sam (Long) is a young writer hoping to find love.  We know this because his current novel has taken the form of his lonely life.  When he spots Birdie (Wood), a waitress at a local restaurant, he falls instantly for her.  Unsure how to get her attention he takes a peek at her Facebook page, learns her life passions (Andrew Wyeth paintings, guys who play guitar, etc) and, upon “running into her” at an improv comedy show, feigns his enjoyment of the same things.  Even ballroom dancing!  Things progress nicely but soon Sam is left wondering if Birdie could ever love the real him.  Which, of course, is a question that is much better contemplating than  actually asking.

Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood in A Case Of You

Co-written by Long, his brother Christian and Keir O’Donnell, who co-stars as Long’s roommate, A CASE OF YOU is a middle of the road romantic comedy that “borrows” several of its better plot lines from much better films.  The film isn’t content to just present a budding romance, it must continually offer up smaller scenes, not only to hammer home the point that Sam is deceiving Birdie but it gives the filmmakers an opportunity to toss in a star cameo or two.  Need to take guitar lessons to impress the lady?  Here’s Sam Rockwell.  Want to attempt to play that guitar at a club?  Attempt to take the stage with Brendan Fraser.  Peter Dinklage cool enough to play Birdie’s boss?  Long even brings out the big guns, getting Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley to play his prospective book publishers.  That’s right folks, if you want to see what Ralphie from A CHRISTMAS STORY looks like all grown up, here’s your chance.

Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood in A Case Of You

Gimic-casting aside, the film too often falls back on typical rom-com clichés:  the partner who feels neglected because the other one really knows anything about HIM; the wacky roommate with a humorous, yet disgusting habit (here, it’s a daily frequency to masturbate to current photos of his favorite 1980’s actresses); and, finally, the “I loved you all the time, I just never knew how to tell you” clincher.

Peter Dinkladge in A Case Of You

On a positive note, the cast is bright and eager to please.  Long has the hang-dog expression down to a science.  Wood brightens up the screen whenever she appears and O’Donnell does grow on you, so there is some good to find on screen.  Supporting work by Bijou Phillips and Sienna Miller is also fun to watch when they’re front and center on screen.  Actress Kat Coiro does show an eye for directing, keeping the film moving smoothly to its conclusion.

Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood in A Case Of You

Technically the film does an incredible job showcasing the great city of New York.  Some of the imaginative places the characters visit are very original, including a store whose content is made up completely of film-used props.  All in all, for a film created by a young director and first time screenwriters, A CASE OF YOU is a fair first time effort that, among it’s cliché’s, does show a sense of fun and imagination.  Hopefully in their next collaboration those in charge will continue to grow.


Video:  Presented in its original 2.39:1 aspect ratio, the film comes across as dull.  Images are sharp but the colors are muted.

Audio:  Presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, the film is dialogue heavy and the audio is clear with background noise not overwhelming what is being said.

Behind the Scenes (5:28):  Short interviews with Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood and Keir O’Donnell accompanied by scenes from the trailer.

Theatrical trailer


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