A new artistic poster shows up on a blog for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Posted by: Zack Bruce

There is a ton of hype for David Fincher’s version of  THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. I have never read any of the series and probably won’t get around to it for a long time. Well, unless it ends up being part of my homework for class.

The marketing for the film thus far has been quite edgy and artistic. You can see a lot of this on the viral production blog for the site called Mouth Taped Shut. Here you can see several different types of photos for the film. I really enjoy the behind-the-scenes snaps taken on set. A few days ago, a minimalist art poster for the film showed up on the site. I would never expect Fincher to allow any sort of terrible photoshop to his posters so I’m thankful when he drops a film.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo poster

Source: Mouth Taped Shut

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