A Nightmare on Elm Street scares off the box office competition

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

With last week’s new releases being complete flops and nothing opening up opposite it this week, it’s no surprise that the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake was able to easily take the top spot at the box office with $32 million.  Of course, it’s no surprise that the horrid-looking FURRY VENGEANCE only managed $6.5 million.  To be honest, I didn’t see it and I only have the trailer to go off of, but wow, it looks pitiful so maybe the studio is impressed with $6.5 million.  I’m still disappointed with the performance of THE LOSERS and I think a lot of people are missing out on a pretty fun action flick.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’re just waiting for IRON MAN 2 to open.  The film is already doing incredible numbers internationally, where it opened early.  I don’t want to make any bold predictions, but if it’s half as good as everyone says it is, I think THE DARK KNIGHT will get a run for its money.  Oh, and for a bit of counter-targeting, LETTERS TO JULIET opens up next weekend as well.

Nightmare on Elm Street

1.  A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)  $32,205,000

2.  How to Train Your Dragon  $10,825,000

3.  Date Night  $7,600,000

4.  The Back-Up Plan  $7,240,000

5.  Furry Vengeance  $6,500,000

6.  The Losers  $6,000,000

7.  Clash of the Titans (2010)  $5,980,000

8.  Kick-Ass  $4,450,000

9.  Death at a Funeral (2010)  $4,000,000

10.  Oceans  $2,600,000

Source: Box Office Mojo

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