A sequel to The Last Exorcism is on the way with a new writer in tow

Posted by: Zack Bruce

When you give a movie a title like THE LAST EXORCISM, you take it literally. So imagine my surprise when I learn that THE LAST EXORCISM is getting a sequel. I don’t remember it being popular or successful. Most people I spoke with that saw the film seemed genuinely disappointed. Maybe I was talking to the wrong people. The film grossed over $62.5 million worldwide and was made on a budget of $1.6 million. That’s a pretty good chunk of change back.

Based on the numbers, a sequel will be made with Damien Chazelle writing the script. Chazelle recently sold a spec script called GRAND PIANO to Adrian Guerra, who served as producer on BURIED starring Ryan Reynolds. PIANO is said to be a throw back to Hitchcock films and centers on a classical pianist.

There are no details on what the story for the second installment will be as they just hired a writer. Production will begin this fall.

Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism

Source: THR

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