A six minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises will be attached to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I think it’s safe to say that film fans want to see more from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The teaser trailer just does not suffice.

Well those fans may not have to wait much longer for their next fix. A trusted theater source has given the heads up on a 6 minute prologue that will play before MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL in IMAX. This will give everyone a chance to check out the movie for the first time in IMAX. Not that the film needs any marketing help but it could easily drive more viewers to the more costly IMAX theater.

Since this news came out it has been confirmed by several other sources– all but Warner Bros. They never give a heads up on anyway BATMAN stuff anyway so this should come as no surprise. It would be nice to actually see some form of Selina Kyle, whether we get Catwoman or not.

The Dark Knight Rises

Source: /Film

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