A spin-off of the Vacation films takes Rusty Griswold on a deranged trip

Posted by: Zack Bruce

You know when they did those Uncle Eddie spin-offs? The idea of doing a Rusty Griswold spin-off sort of feels like that. The only difference is that Chevy Chase will likely reprise his role as Clark and the film will be penned by HORRIBLE BOSSES writers, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.

A second draft of the script was recently finished. The story will follow Russ as he travels across country with his own kids. The writers say that it’s likely at the end of the film that Rusty will meet up with his parents, Clark and Ellen (played by Chase and Beverly D’Angelo). Pete Segal (50 FIRST DATES) is being eyed to direct.

There’s no real structure for a Rusty character as he was changed so much throughout the franchise. It basically became sort of a running joke. The writers explained Rusty, “He’s a kind of an everyman, goodhearted, maybe a little bit of a doofus,” said Goldstein. Daley added, “The thing that made the first film so successful was Chevy Chase and just how likable Clark was, and Rusty will have a lot of similarities to him. He wasn’t particularly well-drawn in the original, just a kid, really, so we’re free to a develop the character.”

Thankfully this isn’t a remake, but fans will likely still have some issues with a spin-off. Goldstein addresses that, “There’s a trend to remake movies that shouldn’t be remade, at least not yet. If this were a straight remake, we’d be hesitant. But we think this is fair game. It’s characters people like. We’re just advancing the story.”

Anthony Michael Hall, Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Dana Barron in National Lampoon's Vacation

Source: LA Times

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