A weird new poster emerges for Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Why has it been such a struggle to get CABIN IN THE WOODS in theaters? Horror films are usually a good guaranteed money maker at the box-office. If a horror movie comes out of Friday, you can bet that a ton of teenagers will flock to see it. I saw a ton of action movies when I was younger. When I took a girl on a date, we would go see whatever cutesy chick movie was out at the time. The ladies liked that.

We haven’t gotten a lot of info on CABIN IN THE WOODS. All we know is that something bad happens when these kids take a trip to this creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere. Sorta reminds me of EVIL DEAD. Another interesting aspect is that Joss Whedon is directing and co-wrote on the script. Whedon has an amazing fanbase. A new poster for the film has emerged care of Whedon himself. It’s the cabin looking a bit like a puzzle. Interesting. The film is due to release April 13, 2012.

Cabin in the Woods

Source: AICN

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