Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the frontrunner to play Quicksilver in The Avengers 2

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

When The Wrap isn’t feuding with Deadline, they’re busy trying to scoop them and in the current round of heavyweight, snarky columnists, The Wrap may get a leg up if their current story proves to be true.  Both sites apparently have an “exclusive” that KICK-ASS and ANNA KARENINA star Aaron Taylor-Johnson is currently the frontrunner to play Quicksilver (real name Pietro Maximoff) in THE AVENGERS 2.  It’s tough to call a winner, but technically, The Wrap got their story up a minute earlier, so there’s that.  At least they were civil enough this time around to not personally trash the other as they reported the news.  Neither site has a source and of course, Marvel isn’t commenting yet, but the casting makes sense.  Not that any studio would do this, but this suspiciously sounds like something that was leaked on purpose by the studio so they could get a sense on what the reaction will be.

Personally, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a fine actor and would have no problem holding is own along side the A-list cast, but I’d be curious to see if he’d even want to do it after starring in the KICK-ASS films.  Of course, becoming a part of the Marvel cinematic universe is nice for any actor and there’s virtually no similarity between his Kick-Ass character and Quicksilver.  If Aaron Taylor-Johnson does sign on, then we can start the speculation as to who will play his sister, The Scarlet Witch.

Meanwhile, Marvel still has some negotiations to work through with the rest of the cast, specifically Robert Downey Jr.  I’m sure Joss Whedon’s recent vow will get things moving along and hopefully we can get everyone signed on and get THE AVENGERS 2 moving in time for that 2015 release date.

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