Abigail Spencer joins James Franco and Mila Kunis in Oz, The Great and The Powerful

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Nothing against James Franco, but I was much more excited for OZ, THE GREAT AND THE POWERFUL when Robert Downey Jr. was attached to star.  I’m not sure if it’s that I’m a big fan of Downey Jr., or if I’m neutral on Franco, but nothing about this project seems to get the juices flowing anymore.  The latest cast member to join the film is Abigail Spencer, who some probably remember as Suzanne Farrell in a handful of episodes of the amazing ‘Mad Men’.  She’ll be playing a woman that volunteers for Oz’s magic act during the scenes that are set in Kansas (go Jayhawks!).  Seems like a small role, but Spencer lit up the small screen in ‘Mad Men’, so I’m sure she’ll make the most of her time in Oz.

The story follows Oz as he gets swept up in a hot air balloon to a faraway land that’s ruled by three witch sisters.  It is, of course, the prequel of sorts to THE WIZARD OF OZ.  The film also stars Mila Kunis, Zach Braff, Michelle Williams, Joey King and Rachel Weisz.  Sam Raimi (SPIDER-MAN) is directing the film that won’t hit theaters until March 8th, 2013.

Abigail Spencer

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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