Chris Pratt

Born in Virginia, Minnesota, but raised in Lake Stevens, Washington, Chris Pratt hit the Hollywood scene in 2001 with a small part on the television series The Huntress. However, his career took a giant leap the next year when he landed a recurring role on the television series Everwood and another role in The O.C. Six years later he started showing up in theaters in films like WANTED, BRIDE WARS, JENNIFER’S BODY and TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT where he met his future wife Anna Faris. Pratt became somewhat of a household name after appearing in the popular television show PARKS AND RECREATION, portraying the goofy and lovable character Andy Dwyer. However, Chris Pratt became a straight-up movie star when he played Peter Quill/Star Lord in the box office hit GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and voiced the lead character Emmet Brickowoski in THE LEGO MOVIE in 2014. Though Pratt has yet to receive an Academy Award nomination, he has starred in a film that was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar for three years in a row: MONEYBALL (2011), ZERO DARK THIRTY (2012) and HER (2013). If his career continues to progress in this direction we should be seeing a lot more of Mr. Pratt in the very near future.

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