Denzel Washington

Born in Mt. Vernon, New York, Denzel Washington has been a fixture in cinemas for over 25 years. After so much box office success and his long standing A-list status, it’s strange to think that there’s still a generation of people that best know Denzel Washington as Dr. Philip Chandler on ‘St. Elsewhere’. His first film role was actually in the little seen 1981 racial comedy, Carbon Copy. But it was his turn in ‘St. Elsewhere’ that gave him his start and led to his Oscar winning role in 1989’s Glory. His early career was filled with strong, dramatic roles, but it was his starring role in 1995’s Crimson Tide that launched a powerful teaming with director Tony Scott. They would go on to make five movies together, each of them finding success at the box office. Denzel won his second Oscar in 2002, this time as Best Actor in the film Training Day and although that and Glory are the two films he’s won awards film, the number of films he’s deserved Oscars for is far greater. Virtually every actor or director that has worked with him has sung his praise, which might be why so many directors are eager to work with him multiple times. Today, Denzel Washington is one of only a handful of actors that can consistently carry his own film and after delivering on so many movies, he’s also one of the few actors that can deliver both critical and box office success.

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