Tom Cruise

Born in Syracuse, NY, Tom Cruise took his first acting role at the age of 19 in ENDLESS LOVE and his first starring role until 1981’s RISKY BUSINESS.  But it was the 1986 smash hit TOP GUN that cemented Cruise’s place amongst A-list blockbuster actors, where he has sat for almost 30 years.  Despite his ups and downs and his controversial social life, Cruise continues to pack theaters, especially internationally, where he’s still one of the biggest stars in the world.  As good of an actor as he his, Tom Cruise’s best attribute might be his ability to choose a great script.  Of all of his peers, Cruise seems to have a knack for finding original, interesting scripts and turning them into box office successes.  Tom Cruise has been nominated for an Oscar three times, but has yet to take home one of the coveted awards.

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