Adam Sandler and Kevin James are Valet Guys

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Sony is working on a deal for a comedy that may star Adam Sandler and Kevin James called VALET GUYS.  The plot follows two valet attendents who work for an upscale South Beach hotel and witness a murder.  The rest of the movie they are running from the killers and I’m sure comedy ensues.   This would be a collaboration between Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, James’ Hey Eddie Productions and Tom Garner’s Broken Road Productions.

Wasn’t this made already? It feels very similar to the plot of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS minus he weed. I think I’ve mentioned before that Adam Sandler is hit or miss with me these days but Kevin James is never welcome in my films.  I find the guy to be completely unfunny and he would be the second person I would kick out of Hollywood.  The first person to get booted would be Rob Schneider, just in case you were wondering.

Adam Sandler and Kevin James

Source: Deadline

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