Adam Sandler is frightened on this poster for Jack and Jill

Posted by: Zack Bruce

This poster for JACK AND JILL is scary. It’s so scary that even Adam Sandler looks frightened on it.

Let’s all just be honest with each other, this movie looks terrible. The sad fact is that people will go see it regardless. Mindless humor doesn’t bother me but when it just keeps coming one years after another it gets a little tired. Not to mention that Sandler is much better than this. I wish he would just crank out a few dramas then come back to the world of comedy. Then maybe we would be a little more forgiving about a film like JACK AND JILL.

The premise of the film is basically Sandler’s character getting a surprise visit from his twin sister, Jill. Bigger surprise– Adam Sandler plays both the sister and the brother! Shocker! The only part that I’m mildly interested in his Al Pacino’s crush on Jill. Pacino is a great man.

Jack and Jill poster

Source: IMP Awards

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