Adam Sandler to star in supernatural comedy Hello Ghost

Adam Sandler

The 2010 Korean supernatural comedy HELLO GHOST is being reboot for American audiences.  Not only will the film be directed by Chris Columbus (HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE), but now it has found funny man Adam Sandler to play the lead.  Adam Sandler has become sort of a punch line to most film buffs and critics (me included). However, he’s also become a sort of dollar sign to movie executives.  Sandler is always funny in interviews and was a shining glimmer on Saturday Night Live years ago, but after his first few movies, it appeared he just started throwing thing together for his friends to star in, entertaining himself tricking talented stars to join in as people spend money on his junk. Sandler and his Happy Madison partner Jack Giarraputo will produce the film.

The synopsis for Korean HELLO GHOST is as follows: Directed and written by Kim Young-Tak, HELLO GHOST follows a man who after several failed suicide attempts, is now haunted by four ghosts.  After renewing his love for life, he discovers the only way to rid the ghosts, is to grant them each one final wish. (THR)

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