Adam Sandler stars in the first trailer for The Cobbler

Regardless of what happens to Adam Sandler’s career at this point, we should all marvel at the fact the guy has been able to have an incredibly successful career for almost 20 years without making many good films. For some reason, people showed up in droves to his movies and the result has been a string of cookie-cutter, pedestrian comedies that get critically panned, but somehow manage to make money. But BLENDED might have been the beginning of the end for Sandler’s bad comedies because that followed the same formula, had a prime release date and was almost indistinguishable from his other comedies, yet didn’t do very well. So are American audiences finally getting sick of Adam Sandler? I’m not sure, but we might have our answer in THE COBBLER. In THE COBBLER, Sandler plays a man that can magically assume the identity of the people’s shoes he repairs. That of course leads to plenty of humorous situations and comedic opportunities.

The trailer does what it can, but it should be noted that this was destroyed when it debuted at TIFF. I’m guessing that’s why the film still doesn’t have a release date as the studio weighs the option of dumping it in the dead of winter or opting for a summer release and hoping audiences ignore critics. THE COBBLER stars Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman, Method Man, Steve Buscemi, Ellen Barkin, Dan Stevens and Melonie Diaz. The Tom McCarthy directed film doesn’t have a release date yet, but it should hit theaters in early 2015.

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