Al Pacino will portray the late football coach Joe Paterno in a film about the Penn State scandal

Al Pacino

It was only a matter of time before the huge scandal surrounding the late Joe Paterno and Penn State University made its way onto the silver screen, but it looks like the film will happen sooner than we thought. It seems that Al Pacino is already set to star as the late Joe Paterno and the project will be based on the New York Times bestselling novel “Paterno” by Joe Posnanski (who wrote for my hometown paper The Kansas City Star), which is a biography of the football coach. The book chronicles Paterno’s life, but the currently untitled film will mostly follow the scandal that surrounded Joe Paterno and defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky who was convicted of sexually abusing kids who participated in the Penn State-affiliated program for underprivileged kids. There’s no director currently attached to the film, but the movie will be produced by Rick Nicita.

Al Pacino can next be seen in the film STAND UP GUYS which hits theaters on January 11, 2013. (Deadline)

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