Albert Brooks offers some insight into Judd Apatow's Knocked Up spinoff

Posted by: Zack Bruce 

Judd Apatow’s 2007 tale of coming into adulthood, KNOCKED UP gave a different realistic perspective of having children and how our relationships evolve because of that. The main couple weren’t even a couple to begin with. A husky stoner (Seth Rogen) living off the government meets an independent career woman (Katherine Heigl) during a drunken blast at a bar. The two unexpectedly hook up and wind up making a baby. After finding out, she remains hesitant about having a baby with a guy that she would never be into to begin with and he just wants to do the right thing but is still struggling to grow up.

The other couple (Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd) mirrors what sometimes happens five to seven years down the road. The husband has a cool job and has a more relaxed outlook on life. The wife is trying to stay cool but often dictates what she thinks her life as well as the lives of others should be like. She’s a bit of a control freak in other words. The wife yearns for more and feels like her connection with her husband is disappearing. The husband his trying to find a sense of independence in activities outside his relationship (not those kind of activities).

The last couple is the main focus of Apatow’s spinoff, formerly titled THIS IS FORTY. All that is known is that it will expand of the kids school life. Melissa McCarthy (BRIDESMAIDS) was cast as a parent that has a son (Ryan Lee, SUPER 8) who attends the same school as the girls. Albert Brooks was also cast as the father to Rudd’s character.

Brooks says that the tone of the film will be equal parts comedy and drama. Something more along the lines of another Apatow film, FUNNY PEOPLE. Apatow has involved more experiences of the journey of his own life into the spinoff. His entire family is in the film: his wife is Leslie Mann and his two daughters are the kids of Mann and Rudd. Brooks said that when the film begins viewers will get how the movie is going to flow. Just like life, one minute something is funny and the next it turns into something a little more dramatic. Definitely something we will hopefully all look forward to.

Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd

Source: LA Times

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