Alex Pettyfer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Twilight's Kellan Lutz potentials for The Bourne Legacy

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

We all knew that with the success of the other Bourne films that another one was going to get made and the next installment will be called THE BOURNE LEGACY. It will be directed by Tony Gilroy who actually helped write the first films but ended up hating what Paul Greengrass put onto the screen. Gilroy now has full control and he’s casting his net to see what actors will be good enough to make it into the next film. Now, none of these actors are up for the role of Jason Bourne, that role will be held for Matt Damon if he decides to come back to the franchise, but Damon will definitely not be in THE BOURNE LEGACY. Gilroy is looking to cast another agent in Operation Treadstone and quite frankly every male in Hollywood who is in the proper age range seems to have been mentioned so these names are going to be changing for awhile.

Here’s who we hear is up for the role: Tobey Maguire, Jak Gyllenhaal, Kellan Lutz, Garrett Hedlund,Josh Hartnett, Luke Evans, Joel Edgerton, Paul Dano, Michael Pitt, Oscar Issac, Michael Fassbender, Alex Pettyfer and Benjamin Walker. See, everyone is being considered. When we hear more news we’ll let you know.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

Source: Deadline/Variety

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