Alex Pettyfer and Matthew Goode will go into Overdrive

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Earlier this year it felt like every day there was a story about Alex Pettyfer, then he sort of fell into oblivion until very recently. Yesterday we learned that he was going to star opposite Channing Tatum in the stripper story MAGIC MIKE and now we’re finding out that he will be starring in the Antonio Negret directed and Pierre Morel produced film OVERDRIVE. Alex Pettyfer will star opposite Matthew Goode (WATCHMAN) in the film about two brothers who are fond of stealing cars but run into trouble in the South of France when they go up against a crime boss. The film is being described as a combination of POINT BREAK and THE HANGOVER, as in action combined with comedy…we’ll see how well that works out. Filming should start soon and we may see this sometime next summer.

So is Alex Pettyfer back in the game or will he ruin it by pulling more shenanigans on these sets…only time will tell.

Alex Pettyfer

Source: Variety

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