Alex Pettyfer to star as race car driver James Hunt

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Former fashion model Alex Pettyfer looks set to play former British racing legend James Hunt in an upcoming film.  The movie will be based on the book ‘Shunt: The Story of James Hunt’ by Tom Rubython.  James Hunt was a very famous Formula One race-car driver that brought a lot of attention and popularity to his sport in the mid-70’s because of how charming and charismatic he was.  Think ‘David Beckham’ for racing, but with more charm and likability.  No writer or director are attached yet, but Pettyfer himself will be producing for Dreamworks.

This is a bold move from Dreamworks and if I AM NUMBER FOUR bombs, it’s going to be one they’ll regret.  But early word is that Pettyfer steals the show and establishes himself as a leading man.  I can’t really react to this news since I’ve never seen a movie of his (it’s not like he has a lot), but I think Dreamworks would be wise to sit back and see how well Four does before they start greenlighting anything.

Alex Pettyfer

Source: Deadline

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