Alex Pettyfer wants to do The Last Apprentice instead of The Mortal Instruments

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Looks like Alex Pettyfer is getting enough job offers to be picky. Word is that he wants to pass on starring in the upcoming franchise THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS alongside Lily Collins to star in another upcoming franchise called THE LAST APPRENTICE.  Both of these films are adaptations of young adult novels. THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS follows a young girl and her best bud who meet an invisible demon hunter named Jace and a romantic relationship starts to bud.  THE LAST APPRENTICE is set in the 1700’s and follows a teenage boy who is training to be an exorcist. THE LAST APPRENTICE has rumblings that Jennifer Lawrence and Jeff Bridges may be attached so this may be why Pettyfer is jumping ship on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS.

You may remember that the producers of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS said that if they couldn’t land Pettyfer then the project would not move forward. That was mentioned when there was a good chance he was going to be attached to star, I wonder if that still stands now that it looks like he’ll be backing out?

Alex Pettyfer

Source: Vulture

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