Alexander Skarsgard is in the running to replace Charlie Hunnam in Fifty Shades of Grey

Alexander Skarsgard Fifty Shades of Grey

Despite all the petitions and fan pleading, it seems Matt Bomer’s name just can’t get thrown into the mix to play Christian Grey in the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY adaptation.  I like Bomer and I hope he gets his big break some time soon, but I’m not so sure FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is the answer.  With Charlie Hunnam dropping out of the films, Universal is now left scrambling to find their male lead and some familiar and not so familiar names have popped up.  First up is Alexander Skarsgard, best known as Eric Northman in HBO’s ‘True Blood’.  He’s not a bad choice since he has no problem going full frontal and has done some S&M type scenes on ‘True Blood’.  He also has a nice fan base, which might help the film.

The other names you probably haven’t heard of and include Jamie Dornen from the British series ‘The Fall’, Theo James from DIVERGENT and Christian Cooke from the recent ROMEO & JULIET film.  I think the Sam Taylor-Johnson film might be doomed at this point.  They’ve approached big stars like Ryan Gosling, who have all quickly turned it down.  Now stars in the middle rung of Hollywood are shying away from it as well, meaning they might have to go with an unknown.  That worked for Twilight, but I’m not sure Grey fans are going to show up in theaters like they’re hoping.  Filming on FIFTY SHADES OF GREY starts in about a month, so they’ll have to make a decision soon.  The good news is that Dakota Johnson is still attached to star.

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