Alexis Bledel joins Saoirse Ronan and James Gandolfini in Violet and Daisy

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Let me preface this news by saying that the teenage assassin film VIOLET AND DAISY, starring Saoirse Ronan should not be confused with the teenage assassin film HANNAH, starring Saoirse Ronan.  This film is different because there are two teenage, female assassins rather than just one.  I’m being facetious of course, it’s just odd that an up and coming star like Ronan would do two similarly themed movies back to back.  But that doesn’t mean they won’t be great.  In VIOLET AND DAISY, Ronan will be joined by Alexis Bledel, who you probably remember from TV’s ‘Gilmore Girls’.  Hopefully, she’ll keep the forced literature and lame pop-culture references to a minimum, something she couldn’t do in ‘Gilmore Girls’.

VIOLET AND DAISY is about two teen assassins on assignment that realize the man they’re supposed to kill is not who or what they expected.  The film was written by Geoffrey Fletcher, who won the Academy Award for adapted screenplay for his work PRECIOUS.  Going from PRECIOUS to a story about teenage assassins is quite a leap.

Alexis Bledel

Source: Variety

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