Amanda Seyfried will live forever in Andrew Niccol’s I’m.mortal

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Amanda Seyfried has been cast in the New Regency sci-fi film I’M.MORTAL, which is to be distributed by Fox. Hold on to your hats folks but this is not a remake or sequel. Yes, this original script was penned by Andrew Niccol, who is also set to direct. He previously wrote and directed the vastly underrated GATTICA with Ethan Hawke and Jude Law. Niccol also wrote one of my all time favorites in THE TRUMAN SHOW with Jim Carrey. Seyfried might be one of the busiest actresses around turning out a minimum of three films a year.

The film takes place in the future where time has become a currency. People stop aging at 25 and depending on how wealthy one is, they can live forever. A falsely accused rebel (yet to be cast) is on the run for murdering a wealthy man for his time. Along with a beautiful girl (Seyfried) they discover life doesn’t matter if you never experience love. This does have a certain LOGAN’S RUN feel to it but I’m excited for some originality.


Source: Variety

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