An Affair of the Heart Blu-ray Review

In 1981, Australian born actor and musician Rick Springfield released the now-iconic pop single “Jessie’s Girl”.  The song rocketed to the top of the charts and Rick quickly became a household name.  Over the next several years, Rick Springfield continued to release quality albums, but was never able to match the massive success of “Jessie’s Girl”.  By the end of the decade, Rick walked away from music, only to return a decade later, albeit to much less publicity and fanfare.  But through everything, Rick Springfield amassed a surprisingly huge fan-base (comprised mostly of females) that followed his career, bought his music and supported him enough to continue doing concerts even in his 60’s.  AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART is the musical documentary that follows some die-hard Rick Springfield fans while getting some thoughts from the man himself as well as his friends and fans.

An Affair of the Heart

Following fans of musicians (or anyone for that matter) is a risky proposition if you’re not a fan yourself.  I had this problem with the GLEE CONCERT MOVIE since I couldn’t understand why anyone would make a cheesy TV show such a big part of their lives.  AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART has the same issue, but I felt like I understood the motivations of a lot of his fans.  Whether it be the two moms that travel to his shows or the couple that got engaged at a Rick Springfield concert, their fandom made since.  And it helped that they made fun of themselves.  They knew their views on Rick were either misguided or cheesy, but they embraced it and I respected them for it.  There were some funny lines from the fans as well, most notably when one mom said “one day I was dancing on stage with Rick and the next day I was folding towels”.

An Affair of the Heart

I was a little disappointed with some of the interviews with Rick Springfield.  He was notorious for being obnoxious in the early 80’s and although he’s been humbled since then, I always felt he was forcing it a little.  He understands that he’s only relevant today because of his die-hard fanbase, but I’m not sure he has a true appreciation for the impact he’s had on their lives.  Director Sylvia Caminer did a good job of showing footage of the private piano concert he does on his cruise (yes, Rick performs on a cruise every year) since that was the one time where I felt Rick opened up and showed some raw emotion.  He may have been true at other times, but I took most of it with a grain of salt.

An Affair of the Heart

If you only know Rick Springfield as the former teen heartthrob that had a hit single in the early 80’s or the guy that was on that soap opera in the late 70’s, then you would probably have no reason to check out AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART.  But I’d argue that the movie is just as much for you as it is for the hardcore Rick Springfield fans.  Rick doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously and although he thinks highly of his music, he realizes a large part of the world looks at him as an aging pop star still living off “Jessie’s Girl”.  I look at AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART as his way of bringing you into his world and asking new listeners to give his new music a chance.  I already know you sing along to “Jessie’s Girl” whenever it comes on the radio, but you might find yourself checking out some his new singles and singing along to those as well.


Video:  AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART looks great on this Blu-ray, which is not a small feat given the numerous locations and settings.

Audio: Rick has never sounded better than on this Blu-ray.

An Affair of the Heart

Extended Scenes (32:57): All of these could have been seamlessly inserted back into the movie since each of these 8 scenes elaborated on a certain point in the movie.  Fans should obviously check these out.

Interviews and Conversations (58:03):  Similar to the extended scenes, these nine scenes are extended conversations with the fans.  Again, something all fans should check out.

Screenings (30:27): This is footage from three different premieres

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