Andrea Riseborough Joins James McAvoy and Mark Strong in Welcome to the Punch

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Up and coming British actress Andrea Riseborough has just added another notch to her resume by joining the crime drama WELCOME TO THE PUNCH.  She’ll be playing the female lead in the drama about a detective that teams up with a bank robber nemesis to solve a crime.  James McAvoy (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) is set to play the detective while Mark Strong (GREEN LANTERN) will be playing the bank robber.  I’m sure the two actors will spend most of their time on set talking about how good their respective comic book movies were and how disappointed they were that their movies underperformed.

Andrea Riseborough is probably unknown to most American audiences, but she’s had some quality roles in films like NEVER LET ME GO, MADE IN DAGENHAM and HAPPY-GO-LUCKY.  This is a big break for the young actress and what better way than to star alongside McAvoy and Strong?  This will be the second directorial effort for Eran Creevy after his 2008 film SHIFTY.

Andrea Riseborough

Source: Variety

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