Andrew Garfield, Diane Lane and Christopher Nolan get an Oscar snub

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Being die hard Oscar Fans who always look forward to the Academy Awards, the second best day for us at is when the nominations are announced, which happened to be Monday morning.  If I can, I actually wake up and watch them.  Unfortunately, I had to work this time but I can promise you that I definitely slacked at my job while continuing to look up all the nominations on my phone.  The Academy and I have a love/hate relationship.  They usually give half of my favorite films recognition but nearly always snub my absolute favorite.  On the contrary, this year most of my favorites are being recognized.  With no huge surprises, I agree with almost all the nominations.  So a congratulations is in order for the Academy Awards.  That being said, one can always find some missteps.  The following are the rights and wrongs on who got snubbed in the six major categories.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Amy Adams, THE FIGHTER, Helena Bonham Carter,THE KING’S SPEECH, Melissa Leo, THE FIGHTER, Hailee Steinfeld, TRUE GRIT and Jackie Weaver, ANIMAL KINGDOM

Dale Dickey Winter's Bone

SNUBBED: Dale Dickey, WINTER’S BONE – Many might say Mila Kunis for BLACK SWAN is missing.  While Mila did a great job I don’t believe her performance was too much of a “stretch” compared to the hard nosed meth addict who lets a sliver of heart pour through her tough exterior performed by Dickey.  The Academy got it right not nominating Kunis but Dickey was a miss.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Christian Bale, THE FIGHTER, John Hawkes, WINTER’S BONE, Jeremy Renner, THE TOWN, Mark Ruffalo, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT and Geoffrey Rush, THE KING’S SPEECH

Andrew Garfield in The Social Network

SNUBBED: Andrew Garfield, THE SOCIAL NETWORK – His performance as the cheated friend and partner in creating Facebook was the perfect underplayed “good guy” opposite the Jesse Eisenberg’s selfish conceited “bad guy.”  Garfield proved that the new SPIDERMAN will at least have a good actor going for it.  Vincent Cassel in BLACK SWAN did a magnificent job as well and has gone widely unappreciated.

Actress in a Leading Role: Annette Bening, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, Nicole Kidman, RABBIT HOLE, Jennifer Lawrence, WINTER’S BONE, Natalie Portman, BLACK SWAN and Michelle Williams, BLUE VALENTINE

Diane Lane and John Malkovich in Secretariat

SNUBBED: Diane Lane, SECRETARIAT – I do believe the five nominated are the best choices but Diane Lane’s performance along with other aspects of SECRETARIAT has sadly been overlooked for some positive feedback.  So I thought I would take this time to give her and the film some props.

Actor in a Leading Role: Javier Bardem, BIUTIFUL, Jeff Bridges, TRUE GRIT, Jesse Eisenberg, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, Colin Firth, THE KING’S SPEECH and James Franco, 127 HOURS

Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine

SNUBBED: Robert Duvall, GET LOW, Ryan Gosling, BLUE VALENTINE, Aaron Eckhart, RABBIT HOLE – Definitely one of the toughest categories.  I think GET LOW just wasn’t a good enough film to get Duvall recognized for his amazing performance.  Gosling and Eckhart played opposite to leading ladies who were nominated in the actress category.  Clearly they did something right since both films required great chemistry and performances in order for the other to excel.

Best Directing: Darren Aronofsky, BLACK SWAN, David O’Russel, THE FIGHTER, Tom Hooper, THE KING’S SPEECH, David Fincher, THE SOCIAL NETWORK and Joel and Ethan Coen, TRUE GRIT

Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

SNUBBED: Christopher Nolan, INCEPTION – This one seemed to be the obvious no-brainer.  How do you not recognize the director who gave us the most complex film of the year and put it together so it wasn’t only easy to understand but filled with the most continuous tension any film has had in years?  On that note, how was INCEPTION not nominated for Editing?  I like the Coen brother’s but TRUE GRIT did not require the skills the rest of the nominees achieved.


The Town

SNUBBED:THE TOWN – With ten nominees, I understand that a few will probably be filler.  I have only two films on this list that I disagree with, which is really a miracle in itself.  One I mentioned in the directing category. THE KID’S ARE ALL RIGHT is the second, receiving excessive praise for being mediocre at best.  Ben Affleck’s second directorial effort in THE TOWN is a fine piece of work.  While not groundbreaking, it is technically sound, being both entertaining and clever.

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