Andrew Garfield joins 99 Homes

Andrew Garfield

To give an indication of how little I thought of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, I still think of Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin from THE SOCIAL NETWORK.  So I’m excited that the talented young actor is looking at smaller, indie roles do play when he’s not playing the famous web slinger.  Next up for Andrew Garfield is the indie film 99 HOMES for director Ramin Bahrani, who also wrote the screenplay.

In 99 HOMES, Andrew Garfield will play a man who loses his house when a greedy real-estate broker forecloses his home.  But he ends up working for the same real-estate broker that foreclosed his home in order to get his home back and ends up seeing things from the other side.  I’m not sure if this will go the serious, dramatic route where Andrew Garfield’s character will suffer emotional trauma as he balances getting a paycheck with kicking people out of their homes.  Or, the film could go the revenge, sneaky route where Garfield’s character intentionally takes the job to get back at the company.  We’ll have to wait and see what director Ramin Bahrani has in store for us as the film will start production later this year. (THR)

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