Andy Garcia, Mario Van Peebles and Luke Goss to star in The Exodus of Charlie Wright

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The indie crime drama THE EXODUS OF CHARLIE WRIGHT has assembled a pretty decent cast of indie actors that includes Andy Garcia, Mario Van Peebles, Luke Goss and Aidan Quinn.  R. Ellis Frazier is taking on multiple responsibilities, including writing, directing and producing.  The film is centered around Charlie (Quinn), a billionaire whose empire gets exposed as a Ponzi scheme and runs off to Tijuana.  While there, he goes on the hunt for a woman he had known 25 years earlier, all the while running from a gangster (Garcia), an FBI agent (Peebles) and thugs from a former client (Goss).

The idea sounds interesting enough, but it also sounds like there’s a lot going on.  I’ve always felt Aidan Quinn was an underrated actor and he should be able to handle this film nicely.

Andy Garcia

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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