Andy Serkis joins James Franco and Freida Pinto in Rise of the Apes

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Andy Serkis is actually a pretty decent actor, but regardless of what he does from this point forward, he’s always going to be known as Gollum from THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.  I guess he realized that as well since he’s now going to be starring as another CGI character in the upcoming RISE OF THE APES.  He’ll be playing Caesar, who becomes the ape that leads the ape revolution that eventually leads to the downfall of humanity.  He joins the cast that includes James Franco, Freida Pinto and John Lithgow.  Rupert Wyatt is directing and shooting starts next month.

This marks the first time in the Apes films that CGI apes will be used exclusively rather than humans in ape costumes.  I think that removes some of the charm, but it will also give them more flexibility as far as effects are concerned.  I’m still not sure about Franco playing a scientist, but we’ll see.

Andy Serkis

Source: Variety

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