Angela Lansbury to play Katherine Heigl's daughter in Adaline

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Angela Lansbury will play the elderly daughter of Katherine Heigl in the Summit/Lakeshore fantasy film ADALINE. Yes, you read that correctly.  ADALINE is a young woman (Heigl) who gets into a car accident while simultaneously getting struck by lightning therefore trapping her indefinitely in her twenty-something year old body. She ends up leading a solitary life until she meets a man she finds worth losing her immortality for.  Angela Lansbury will play Heigl’s daughter who needs help as her health declines. Shooting for ADALINE will begin in April and will be directed by Andy Tennant.

I think Katherine Heigl gets a lot of flack for her off screen persona, but as far as acting goes I think she’s pretty good and this film sounds right up her alley.  And really, who isn’t a fan of Angela Lansbury?  She’ll forever be in my heart as Mrs. Potts from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Angela Lansbury and Katherine Heigl

Source: Deadline

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