Angelina Jolie and Darren Aronofsky eyeing Serena

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

We’ve been wondering what Angelina Jolie would be doing next.  She was supposedly set to star in WANTED 2, but pulled out to do the space film GRAVITY with Alphonso Cuaron.  But then we learned that she passed on that and was left without a project, which is unusual for Jolie; she had roles planned during her pregnancy.  Today we learn that she may have turned down those other offers to team up with Darren Aronofsky in the period drama SERENA, which is based off the book ‘Serena: A Novel’ by Ron Rash.  The film would have Jolie as the powerful wife of the founder of a timber empire and her insistence that he become more powerful and more ruthless as time goes on.  The film will take a dark turn when she sets out to murder his illegitimate son.

Jolie is an extremely rare actress that can combine enormous talent and beauty, but I’m always impressed when she takes a role as challenging as this.  Having Aronofsky at the helm would be great for her since he has a way of getting the best from his stars.  Let’s hope they can find the financing and get the details worked out on this one.

Angelina Jolie and Darren Aronofsky

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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