Angelina Jolie in talks to star in a dramatic thriller from director Luc Besson

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Angelina Jolie is pretty picky about which roles she chooses. Lately all she’s done is serious films. Well, it’s either serious or action oriented. You’ll never see Jolie in something like Big Mammas House 6.

One genre I think she should get more into would be thrillers. It looks like she will be taking on one for director Luc Besson. The story would be an epic adventure about a British aristocrat who helped define the current Middle East and the borders of Iraq after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. She became a seminal figure in Middle East politics during the run-up to WWI, acting in roles that ranged from archaeologist to diplomat, photographer and spy.

Besson is a fantastic director who has done films like THE PROFESSIONAL and THE FIFTH ELEMENT. When will he do another sci-fi flick? That would be amazing, Right now, Jolie is only in talks but the conversation is said to be a serious one. I hope she joins this one. Her and Besson would be a great combo.


Source: Deadline

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