Angelina Jolie to star as Gertrude Bell for Ridley Scott

Posted by: Zack Bruce

If a role for a strong woman in history comes up in the pipeline, does Angelina Jolie automatically want to take it? Wonder Woman is a part of comic history, maybe she should try that role on for size. There’s really nothing wrong with wanting these sorts of roles but when do we get another one like her character in GIRL, INTERRUPTED. I miss my crazy Angelina Jolie.

The strong role that Jolie has just attached herself to is GERTRUDE BELL. Ridley Scott is developing the biopic about the English woman who had a huge impact in the Middle East with her work in establishing what would become the modern framework for Jordan and Iraq. She also wrote about her adventures in the Ottoman Empire and desert kingdoms, traveling in not only a predominantly male world but one whose culture and religion was very alien to the British Empire. During World War I, Bell worked for British Intelligence and was a key asset to the English dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and founding of Iraq.

Scott is looking at directing the film after PROMETHEUS but has yet to make a decision. There are two other films that the director is eyeing as well. Jeffrey Caine (THE CONSTANT GARDENER) will write the script.

Angelina Jolie

Source: THR

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