Angleina Jolie and Hailee Steinfeld circling Sleeping Beauty roles

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

The fairy tale craze lives on for at least a few more years as today we find out that there’s not one, but two SLEEPING BEAUTY films on the horizon. The first will be from Disney to be called MALEFICENT with rumors that Tim Burton will direct and Angelina Jolie may star in the main role as the evil witch (which would be cool). This particular project has been in the works for some time but there is not time line as to when it will get started, although hearing that there may be another SLEEPING BEAUTY movie on the horizon may be the jump start Disney needs. The other film which has young TRUE GRIT actress Hailee Steinfeld attached is currently being shopped around for a financier. This spin on the classic tale will be told from Princess Aurora’s (Steinfeld) point of view and follows her into the dream world after she is pricked by the spinning wheel (poor spinning wheel gets a bad rap). Definitely a different take and I’m anxious to see which studio grabs it up and who will direct it.

I have to admit that although I think the fairy tale fad is getting a little old, Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorites and I think these two projects are so different that it’ll be nice to have a double set of films.

Anglelina Jolie and Hailee Steinfeld

Source: Deadline

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