The Angry Birds Movie 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Like everyone that owned a smart phone in 2010, I downloaded and immediately became addicted to the Angry Birds mobile game.  I played it for a few months, thought it was cute and eventually moved on to something else, which is normal for most mobile games.  I honestly didn’t give the game another thought until a couple years later when I was out shopping and saw a kid wearing an Angry Birds t-shirt.  That’s when I learned that the Angry Birds phenomenon had stretched far past the mobile gaming community and now we had toys, clothing and an animated TV series.  It was only a matter of time until there was a movie.  And like everything else Angry Birds-related, it’s clear that they’re stretching this out way too thin.  There’s absolutely nothing here and unless you’re obsessed with Angry Birds or under the age of three, you’re going to be in for a long 90 minutes.

The Angry Birds Movie 4K Ultra HD

Red (Sudeikis) is an angry bird living on an island with other birds that seem to live together peacefully.  Red has a run-in at a birthday party and the judge sentences him to some anger management training.  That’s where he meets Chuck (Gad) and Bomb (McBride) and the three of them sort of become reluctant friends.  Their lives are fine until the arrival of the pigs, lead by Leonard (Bill Hader).  The pigs seem nice at first, but eventually its clear that they’re there to steal the birds eggs (this is where the video game similarities come in).  The birds decide to fight back and the last 30 minutes or so of the movie is focused on the birds using a slingshot to destroy Piggy Island and get their eggs back.

The Angry Birds Movie 4K Ultra HD

Movies have been made and based on dumber things before (BATTLESHIP, for example), but THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE isn’t really trying.  The majority of the movie is an incoherent mess with random characters doing random things as if there was an entire backstory explained to the audience.  We don’t know these characters, this world or the problems they face and even if we did, we wouldn’t care.  Animated films don’t always have to have character development, but if they forego that traditional story telling technique, then they better offer something special in its place.  THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE offers nothing of substance.

The Angry Birds Movie 4K Ultra HD

The voice actors actually do well with what they have, but they just don’t have anything.  The highlight was Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle, who did a mean karaoke, but his inclusion made absolutely no sense.  Mighty Eagle was supposedly an eagle that protected the island, but his appearance almost felt like an afterthought.  And be forewarned that you will spend about 90 seconds watching Mighty Eagle peeing into a lake while Red, Chuck and Bomb watch in disgust.  Also, watching animated birds slingshot across an island for twenty minutes is like watching someone play a video game; it’s much more fun to actually play the game.

The Angry Birds Movie 4K Ultra HD

Admittedly, I’m not the target audience for THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE and so it makes sense that I, and every adult, would dislike it.  However, I can’t imagine my kids getting anything out of this either aside from a few chuckles at the physical humor.  No one needs an Angry Birds t-shirt or an Angry Birds TV show and as it turns out, no one really needs an Angry Birds movie either.


Consumers have been begging to get the 3D Blu-ray discs included in the 4K Ultra HD sets and THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE is the first mainstream film to do just that.  Animated 3D is usually pretty great and I was impressed with the 3D visuals in THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE.  In fact, if you have to watch the film, watching it in 3D is going to ease some of the pain.


Video: Animated movies look great on Blu-ray and 4K, but if there’s a genre of films where the differences are minimal, it’s definitely in the animated arena.  The detail was slightly clearer in the 4K edition, especially in the backgrounds, but I didn’t notice that much difference in the colors.  Red was a big, round blob of red and I’m not sure the filmmakers bothered giving him different shades.  But nitpicking aside, the 4K version is clearer with deeper colors, I’m just not sure it’s a considerable difference.

Audio: We do get a very nice Dolby Atmos audio track to accompany the nice video.

There are no 4K exclusive features included on the 4K disc, but it does include the Blu-ray, along with the 3D Blu-ray as mentioned above.

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