Anna Faris and Chris Evans ask What’s Your Number?

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Anna Faris and Chris Evans are set to star in the upcoming comedy WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER.  In the film, Faris will play a woman that promises herself she will only sleep with 20 men and by the time she does that, she will find her true love.  But after a drunken night out, she realizes she hit her limit and out of desperation, she tracks down all 20 guys in hopes she missed out on one of them.  The film is actually based off the book ’20 Times a Lady’ by Karyn Bosnak, but the script was rewritten by Jennifer Crittenden and Gabrielle Allan.  The film will be directed by Mark Mylod.

I like the idea for this, but I think you could have more comedy chances if the roles were reversed.  A guy imposing a limit on himself and then tracking down his ex-girlfriends seems like a more awkward situation than a girl doing it.  I am glad they went with an R-rating on this because trying to make it PG-13 would be ridiculous.

Anna Faris and Chris Evans

Source: Variety

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