Anna Kendrick may join Rapture-Palooza

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

A new film at Lionsgate is in the works and it sounds…interesting. It’s called RAPTURE-PALOOZA and already has HOT TUB TIME MACHINE actor Craig Robinson on board as playing the Anti-Christ. Christians will make the instant connection at reference to the rapture, which is basically when Jesus returns to Earth to take his believers to Heaven and leave all those who don’t believe on Earth to fend for themselves until Judgement Day. It’s quite a gruesome concept to wrap your head around and usually is not one that anyone wants to touch with a ten-foot-pole…until now.Paul Middleditch is directing this apparent comedy that happens post-rapture (aka apocalypse) where two buddies, Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley (from televisions ‘Bones’) are trying to reestablish their sandwich cart about a year after half of the worlds population have been…raptured? (I don’t know, does that work?) While trying to restart business as well as deal with plagues of locusts and other horrible post-rapture events, another thing Lindsay (Kendrick) has to deal with is that the Anti-Christ wants to take her as his bride. Sounds like a comedy that could go so wrong in so many ways.

If Kendrick and Francis Daley do join up, shooting could begin this summer. Oh, and did I mention Lionsgate wants to do this film on a budget of around $2 million. That’s a big subject with a very tiny budget.

Anna Kendrick

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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