Anna Kendrick might join Ben Affleck in The Accountant

Still one of the most underrated actresses working today, Anna Kendrick is still searching for a role that will solidify her status among A-list actresses. I’m not so sure THE ACCOUNTANT is going to be that role, but it’s a nice, high profile role opposite Hollywood’s man of the hour, Ben Affleck. it’s being reported that Kendrick is in talks to be the female lead in the film that will feature Affleck as a mild mannered accountant that spends his nights as an assassin. How close she is to signing on seems to be a source of contention as some trades report it as a done deal and others saying she’s just eying the role.

Normally, I’d blow this off as a waste of time for everyone involved, but it’s going to be directed by Gavin O’Connor, who won me over with WARRIOR. After that, I’ll watch anything he does. My guess is that the simple logline doesn’t do THE ACCOUNTANT justice and I’m sure there’s more to it than that. We don’t know exactly what Anna Kendrick’s role will entail, but it’d be odd for her to be the love interest to Affleck. In the meantime, her UP IN THE AIR co-star, J.K. Simmons is also eying a role in THE ACCOUNTANT.

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