Anne Hathaway is interested in a Catwoman spin-off, if the right people are involved

Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises

With the last film in The Dark Knight Trilogy, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, already in theaters, it’s only natural for people to start talking about a spin-off for Anne Hathaway’s character Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Director Christopher Nolan has said he is done with the characters in Gotham City and doesn’t have anything else to say about them, though when asked about a Catwoman movie for Anne Hathaway he said, “I certainly think she deserves it, she’s incredible.” It would be tough for someone else to come in and make a Catwoman film that was worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (click on the link to read the review).  However, Anne Hathaway said she would be interested if Christopher Nolan was involved in some way. Anne Hathaway said in an interview, “I’m interested if he’s interested. I think it would be lovely to see more of her but only if it’s with the right people. She lives in this Gotham City and so it would have to be established by the people who have made this Gotham City. For me, at least.”  That doesn’t sound promising for Selina Kyle, unless Christopher Nolan decides to come on board as producer but that’s doubtful as well.

So what do you think? There’s already been one CATWOMAN film made that was a box office flop (poor Halle Berry), do you think Warner Bros. should revisit the character with Anne Hathaway as the infamous cat burglar? Or should Selina Kyle’s movie career stop with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? Let us know what you think below. (Digital Spy)

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