Anthony Hopkins and Dustin Hoffman team up for The Song of Names

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Anthony Hopkins and Dustin Hoffman have joined Vadim Perelman’s (HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG)  THE SONG OF NAMES.  The two legendary actors are the first to join the film that’s based off the book of the same name by Norman Lebrecht.  Jeffrey Caine will be writing and James Horner will be handling the score.  The film is about a musical prodigy that falls in love, only to have his love leave him.  He doesn’t discover what happened to him until 40 years later, when the mystery starts to unfold.

Dustin Hoffman also signed on to star in NIGHTWORK, based off Irwin Shaw’s book.  This film is about a young man that goes on the run in Europe after coming across a large amount of money.  You have to go back pretty far to watch a film that will prove Hoffman is an incredible actor, but he’s shown some flashes of that brilliance in recent films.  It looks like he’s lined up a couple more projects that could shoot him to the forefront of older actors.

Anthony Hopkins and Dustin Hoffman

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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