Arnold Schwarzenegger circling roles in two different films

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Now that the former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is out of office he’s been all over the map with potential films, comic and cartoons. The latest news is that he has two potential films in which he would star, the first is called THE TOMB. This film would be directed by Antoine Fuqua and follows a security expert who designs a state-of-the-art prison that is inescapable, he is then imprisoned (wrongly, of course) in said prison and must escape. The second film is called LAST STAND and would be directed by Ji-Woon Kim (I SAW THE DEVIL) and follows a sheriff of a small town who is trying to take down a drug-cartel leader who recently broke out of prison. Liam Neeson was previously attached to star in the film but passed to do TAKEN 2.

No telling which, if any, of these roles Arnie will take but it definitely looks like he’s going to be going back in front of the cameras sooner rather than later.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Source: Variety

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