Arnold Schwarzenegger in talks for the action thriller Captive

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger got back on that horse pretty fast. The actor took a hiatus from jumping on new projects after the scandal and separation from his wife. A couple of months later, Arnie got back to finding films to star in.

Just hot off the soles of the news of starring in THE EXPENDABLES 2, Schwarzenegger is currently in talks to star in the thriller, CAPTIVE. This sounds like a very Arnie-centric film with the actor playing an American real estate magnate living in Brazil who is kidnapped and held for ransom. Frantically searching for a way out of his armored-truck prison cell hidden in a Sao Paolo landfill, a detective specializing in kidnap and ransom cases works to find him.

Benjamin van der Veen and Kario Salem adapted the story idea from Nicolai Fuglsig. It was thought that Fuglsig would direct but he dropped out of that role. The goal is to start production next year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Source: Deadline

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